unnie did you see the taekai moment, omg my kaisoo heart </3 T_T

sweetie don’t call me unnie, i’m probably younger than everyone here just kidding call me anything u want

I don’t think you should worry about it, because taekai are best friends since forever and they were just having a good time together (like, i’m pretty sure you hang out with your friends a lot, right?)

tbh i’m pretty sure taemin supports kaisoo as well 


I mean look at that, he just let go off his hand and step away. If he doesn’t support at least he knows that jongin is kyungsoo’s.

aaaand if you’re really feeling bad i must remember you that this happened image

(the infamous kaisoo moment at the movies on the 140215 - please note that they were alone at the movies, at night, one day after valentine’s day - god knows what happened that night)

so please feel better and have a nice day image

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